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Our Crew

Last Updated Apr-2017

Ben (DJ Swey) Golledge

Our Resident Audiophile. Sound tech & DJ. Dj Swey has been in the broadcasting industry for some time now going on 8 years now. He has show great skill and love for it. He has spent countless hours perfecting our sound to be the best out there. He is a Huge help and asset to the team.

Brodie (Shadow General) Pike

Our Resident "Computer Guy" His way of approaching most problems. "Have you turned it off an on?". Brodie has been into computers since his early years spending most of his time tearing them apart or putting them back together he has a knack for tinkering with things. A great asset to the team has he keep most things running.

Our Services

We provide 4 Stations of varying music Kue mix plays the best of today and the 90s. Kue classics playing songs all the way back to the 60s. Kue Chilled Playing songs from small inde bands all over. Kue Talk, our Talk show station which will be airing some time in 2018.

The Tech

We're playing our music using Stereo Playlist along side with StereoTool Audio Proccessing. This is running off one HP Prolaint DL380 G5 with 2x Intel Xeons @ 2.8Ghz with 20GB Ram. Our connection is a 100/40 Fiber line to our shoutcast provider.