About Us

We're a very small Internet based Radio Station streaming out of the City of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia. Everything currently is paid for out of our own pockets and we strive to provide the best sounding music with top of the line Audio Proccessing going into all our streams using the best tools and software. We have worked tirelessly to make all types of music sound good no matter what you are playing it on.

Wanna help us host all this and upgrade? Consider donating! Every amount helps.

Our Hardware

We are currently running 4 Servers. All are HP Prolaint DL Models with varying internals. These servers having been running 24/7 for atleast 2 years now with minor hickups being Blackouts etc. We hope to get the funds soon for a decent UPS (Universal Power Supply) Backup Battery to keep things online for up to atleast 10 minutes during blackouts.


We stream to our Shoutcast provider currently using the NBN with 100/40 Bandwidth. This again is planned to be upgraded in the future with funding. Our Shoutcast provider has a 10Gbps Internet connection to enable us to have over 1000 listeners at anyone time.