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Our Crew

Last Updated Sept-2017

Ben (DJ Swey) Golledge

Our Resident Audiophile. Sound tech & DJ. Dj Swey has been in the broadcasting industry for some time now going on 8 years now. He has show great skill and love for it. He has spent countless hours perfecting our sound to be the best out there. He is a huge help and asset to the team.

Brodie (Shadow General) Pike

Our Resident "Computer Guy" His way of approaching most problems. "Have you turned it off an on?". Brodie has been into computers since his early years spending most of his time tearing them apart or putting them back together he has a knack for tinkering with things. A great asset to the team as he keeps most things running.

Help us keep our station alive!

We pay for all expenses out of pocket with no help at this current time. That means it can take some time to get new gear like Mixers, Microphones, Limiters and compressers. All this type of gear can help make our station sound even better! So please if you like our station and want to keep it ad free help us a long! A little can go along way!

All funds go towards operating costs and upgrades.

Also we know you may not like adverts but we only have one per page and that can help pay the bills so please be nice? Disable your adblock for our website.

The Tech

We currently run our streams off two servers using VMware ESXi to our external Shoutcast Server provider.