Cue Radio

Bit rates and streaming

We provide a number of streaming “Bit rates” these range from as low as 32Kbps AAC which is great for those who are saving data at the expense of quality. We also go as high as 320Kbps OGG. OGG is an open source codec which provides the very best quality at most “Bit rates”. We also have a FLAC stream for Cue Mix. Be warned FLAC uses High amounts of data. FLAC is “Studio” Quality providing the richest sound and widest sound stage.

AAC Data Usage is as follows. 32Kbps = ~15MB/Hour | 56KBps = ~26MB/Hour | 128KBps = ~58MB/Hour

OGG Data Usage is close if not the same as AAC.

FLAC Data usage is around ~1500Kbps = ~600MB/Hour